Nike Sark Adventure – the grand finale

The last day on Sark Island was set to be the most exciting one. Sunrise yoga, followed by delicious breakfast and the big announcement. Which no one knew what is it going to be about. But if Nike says big, expect massive! For all these reasons I was having difficulties to fall into deep sleep. As quiet as the island was my mind was buzzing and so when a super early alarm went off I instantly sat up in my bed, all the sleep gone in a blink of an eye.

The day was only starting when we heard a knock. I opened the door and found Julz with Weronika trying really hard to contain the excitement. I looked down at their feet and saw a beautiful white box wrapped with black bow.

“No way!” – I could not believe it was possible to get more gifts! We already were spoilt rotten with the whole trip! I rushed the girls inside before they woke up all hotel and quickly opened the box. And there it was – the most beautiful studio wraps collection containing yoga wraps, the shoe and the ankle straps.


Geared up with our new studio wraps and feeling slightly like ballerinas we headed out into a chilly morning for an outdoor sunrise yoga class. Jessica Skye, founder of Fat Buddha Yoga, spread her magic by stretching and opening our muscles with energising vinyasa flow.

Feeling completely revived we danced our way back to the hotel. It was going to be a beautiful day as the sun was already warming up the air and you could not see a single cloud in the sky. We sat down to have breakfast.


Very soon we heard all about the big adventure. Each team was given a beautifully illustrated map, on which there were three locations marked with an X. We were given bikes and a 2 hour deadline to reach all of the three points on the map. This was starting to look a lot like a treasure hunt!

And so we took off! By this point the sun was high in the sky, I could feel it on my shoulders as I was cycling through small winding roads of Sark Island, at the same time trying to take in all the beautiful views. It truly is unique place and if you feel tired of the city buzz this is the perfect escape to the nature.

Very soon I realised we were cycling towards one coast of the island as the views of sea were appearing in front of me. Then I saw a girl in neon yellow tank top excitingly waving at us.

“From here on you’ll have to walk” – she said smiling mysteriously.

And soon we found out why.

We started walking through really narrow paths towards the sea. I could see we were getting closer to the cliffs.

As soon as I saw people with helmets I started to feel nervous. This was completely not me. Heights. Deep water. No way! But there was no backing out now. And so the very first challenge of the day was to climb down the cliffs into a secret cave. I put on a brave face, posed for a few pictures, took a deep breath and with shaking hands started crawling down a really steep path down to the cave.

Let me tell you, that was probably the scariest thing I have done in my life. Using my own bare hands and feet, only protected by a helmet and a few people guiding us down, I felt… At first, scared, but then something changed, probably I got the adrenaline rush, as my fear was replaced with a sense of strength and power and pride. It was exciting to do something scary!

And oh boy it was worth facing my fears! The cave was magnificent! It was continuing deep down as I could hear the echo of the waves crashing into the cliffs. As I was beginning to really enjoy this experience, it was soon time to head back up. But before that, we had to take pictures!


First location from the map – done! But soon we realised we had to rush as our two hours were melting fast! We rushed to our bikes and took the same way back towards the second location. This time the ride was much faster as we were literally racing with time. In less than 20 minutes we have reached the second location which took my breath away.

Turquoise blue sea and a secret beach separated from us by 3000 steep steps. Challenge – reach the beach as fast as we can.

At first I was relieved because it seemed nothing too difficult compared to the last challenge. But very quickly I regretted having these thoughts as the steps were really steep and high. We also had to be extremely careful, because one wrong step could have meant a very quick and uncomfortable way down.

The view from the top was breath taking, but the feeling of reaching the beach, glancing back up and seeing people up there, tiny as ants, was amazing. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Completely ignoring everyone else around me, including camera crew, I lurched forward to the sea. With a few steps I was jumping and splashing in the water. I looked back at the girls staring at me.

“Come on you guys! Join me!”

And so Christina, Weronika and Julz jumped into the sea with me.


Slightly exhausted from our way back to the top (slightly is an understatement!) we jumped back on our bikes and headed for the last point on the map. We had very little time left so we had to really rush. When we reached a dead end – a field with a horse carriage in it – I thought we got lost. But boy was I wrong! That was our last challenge – racing in two teams we had to pull the carriage with our bare hands all the way to the finish line.


I think that was the funniest episode from the whole trip – the carriage just wouldn’t go straight and we were struggling quite a bit (the fact that I don’t own a driver’s licence didn’t help either).

With shaky legs, dirty hands but big smiles and great emotions we managed to reach all three locations on the map. As a team. They say you are strong on your own, but invincible together and this trip is the best proof of that!

I was slightly sad that the challenge was over, but we still had to come back to the hotel where celebration lunch was waiting for us. The thought of food made my tummy growl. We pedalled a bit faster and very soon we returned to the Stocks hotel. Quick shower, change of clothes and we were raising champagne glasses in the glorious September sunshine.


What a trip! Memories and friends made for a lifetime. We challenged ourselves, worked together, experienced unforgettable adventures, but like all good things come to an end so it was this. It was time for us to head back to London.