Nike Sark Adventure – Part 2

I remember the first things I noticed when I stepped off the ferry onto Sark Island. Cliffs. Sea shimmering with sun. Salty sea breeze. And the air! I kept drinking it in with deep breaths it was so fresh and pure – something that you can’t find in busy London City.


We have just arrived to Sark island and we were about to have two days full of adventures which was the prize for winning Chase Summer Challenge.

But first we had to get to the hotel. As I have mentioned in my previous post, transport does not exist on Sark Island and having done this research before the trip, there was no surprise when NTC master trainer Sonja Moses announced that we will be running to the hotel. We took on a trail route through the hilly forest and green fields and after a few miles of running and exploring the island we finally reached the Sark Stocks hotel.

The girls and I fell in love with the hotel from the very first sight. Quirky and unique exterior, lots of outdoor space, outdoor swimming pool and cozy rooms – what’s not to love? It’s difficult to even describe the space – it’s so unique. See for yourselves:

Brilliant right? We were so excited and it was only the beginning. Soon we found out the schedule of the trip. It was going to be an amazing few days: Barry’s Bootcamp class as a silent disco in the fields, Sneaker Party, Sunrise yoga, the big adventure (which was still being kept as a secret). But first we had to eat. And boy there was a feast waiting for us!


Once we nourished our bodies and recovered from the travelling, we couldn’t wait to see our rooms and explore the island a bit more. We had an hour and a half before Barry’s Bootcamp starts, so we refreshed, changed into new workout gear (believe it or not, we found more Nike presies waiting in our rooms!) and we took off, taking our polaroid camera too. We were given a task – to capture everything what inspires us during the trip. Let me share some of the snaps we took:

Very soon we realised that we had to go back to the hotel for our first activity – Barry’s Bootcamp class. Let me just say that it was out of this world. Picture this: huge field with haystacks, somewhere in the distance you can spot a glimpse of sea. A pile of headphones. A pile of wooden logs. A bunch of horrified girls. It was intense, but a good mix of cardio combined with HIIT drills and working out in pairs.


All of this with great tunes blasting through our earphones. We left the workout field in a state of destruction and headed back to the hotel to get ready for the Sneaker Party.

The party was being held at the lovely outdoor space. Soon we found out that we will be designing our very own Nike Air Max sneakers. And our polaroid pictures will be used as inspiration for the designs!


Coming from design background myself, I found this activity especially exciting and could not wait to begin. But very soon I realised it will not be that easy to design one style of shoes to fit us four. After all we are so different! There were a lot of discussions… We had to decide on colour, texture, material. We got there in the end! SEDD Air Maxes were set to be black with a splash of turquoise, which was inspired by colours of the sea. We also decided to add our initials on the left shoe and SEDD name on the right shoe. After more than a month’s wait we got them in the post and now they are my favourite shoes!


But let me take you back to the magical Sark Island! As Sneaker Party was coming to an end together with the first day, we were feeling slightly tired, but full of great emotions. The evening was warm and quiet, with clear skies and so the stars were shining brighter than I have ever seen. After dinner we went back to the outdoors space, which was completely transformed for the chill lounge party.

Jessica Skye and Sonja Moses created a lovely atmosphere with their relaxing lounge tunes. It truly was a perfect evening – chatting with the girls, re-living the first day on Sark Island, discussing what tomorrow is going to be like. We didn’t even notice when the midnight snuck up on us and we decided to head back to our rooms. Tomorrow was set to start with sunrise yoga – another early start and we needed our beauty sleep like never before.

I will be soon bringing the final part of Sark Island adventure, which I promise, is the most exciting one. We truly had experience of our lifetime! So stay tuned!

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