Nike Sark Adventure – Part 1

In the summer of 2014 Nike announced a challenged called Chase Summer. It asked to form a team of up to five girls and compete with other teams in how many minutes per day you workout or run, all tracked with NTC and NRC apps. I had no idea that this challenge will change my life so much. Firstly, during Chase Summer adventures I’ve met a few girls who truly became my fitness family. And secondly, this is how I realised that my passion for healthy lifestyle and fitness is so strong that a few months later on me and the same girls started a fitness blog called Stronger Every Damn Day. We had amazing two years as a team, but slowly everyone started pursuing individual goals and although Stronger Every Damn Day doesn’t exist any longer, I couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing experience I had when together we won Chase Summer challenge. This post is all about our prize – weekend getaway with Nike at the amazing Sark island.

Sark is the fourth smallest Channel Island, its nature barely touched by human hand.


There are only 600 people living on the island and the only means of transport are horse carriages and bikes. No cars. No noisy public transport. Well, you always have the option to walk or run, and as we have been invited on this trip by Nike, there was no doubt we will be using our legs to get around the island. But I’ll get to that!

Before the actual trip to Sark, we were invited to the Launch Party at the Ace Hotel in Shorreditch, London. Me and Julz were rather puzzled to find a bunch of photographers outside the hotel, snapping away every move we made. We quickly rushed inside and found Christina and Weronika smiling mysteriously.

‘Oh my god you guys! You have no idea what’s waiting for you!’ grinned Christina.

‘Shhhh! You can’t tell them, it will ruin the surprise!’ Weronika tried really hard to contain her excitement.

I was eager to get to the room (we were staying in the hotel overnight), but first we had to make our choices for the dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast – every little detail was thought through really well!


Once dinner decisions have been made we were taken to the 7th floor for sports bra fitting experience. We were measured, we were asked to jump and bend and twist and everything you can imagine – to make sure we find the bra that fits like second skin.


Finally we were allowed to go to our rooms to freshen up before the dinner. Once I slid my card key into the lock and the door opened I slowly peeked into the room. It took me few seconds to process what I saw and then I just muttered ‘oh my’, dropped my bag on the floor and ran to the bed which was covered in Nike gear. Shoes. Socks. Capris. Vests. Headbands. Wind jackets. Sports bras. Everything you could need on a fitness trip. More than that actually!


After trying out all the outfits together with the girls, I was interrupted by my grumbling tummy which reminded me of the dinner we were about to have. The whole roof top terrace was dedicated to the Launch Party, spoiling us with beautiful London skyline view and a golden sunset.


Bloggers, fitness fanatics, people behind Nike brand, journalists and press were brought together to one room for an evening full of great vibes and atmosphere literally buzzing with excitement.


We had the most delicious three course dinner while chatting with Nike trainers and athletes. But we still did not have a clue of what is waiting for us in Sark Island. All we were promised was an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Sounded pretty good to me.

The evening ended way too early but only because we had to be up at 4.30am. So we came back to our rooms early, we packed and prepared for the exciting tomorrow. I got into bed early and tried my best to fall asleep, but my mind was buzzing. I could also hear Christina tossing and turning in the bed next to me.

The next morning we found out that none of us could fall asleep early or get decent amount of zzz’s. Everything was so exciting! When we finally appeared in the hotel lobby at 4.30am (that was harder than doing burpees for 5 minutes!) we found pre-packed breakfast boxes and a travel kit which contained comfy blanket, pillow and an eye mask. Very soon we were on our way to the airport literally counting down the minutes and the miles left until we reach Sark Island.


After one hour on the coach, few hours in the airport and another hour on the plane, we finally arrived to Guernsey where we were boarding a ferry to Sark Island.


Having travelled for 4 hours and covered more than 220 miles, we were so very close to the beginning of our secret island getaway experience! Yet somehow the ferry journey – the last leg of the trip – seemed to be the longest! We were chatting with fellow bloggers, taking pictures and enjoying the salty breeze when we were asked to prepare for the arrival to Sark Island.

‘That could only mean one thing’ I thought as I remembered the note I found yesterday on my bed in Ace hotel!


To be continued…

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