Cooking with Mindful Chef

I am crazy about good food. Especially if it’s high quality, sourced from local farmers and made with love. That’s why I was absolutely thrilled to collaborate with Mindful Chef.

As most of you already know I a big fan of cooking, and the concept of getting ingredients delivered to my door to whip up delicious meals is fairly well known to me – I’ve cooked with Hello Fresh and Gousto before. I usually cook on the weekends when I can allow myself to enjoy my little kitchen rituals. What could possibly be nicer than sitting down at the table with your loved ones and catching up over a freshly cooked meal? Perhaps I’m getting old, but little moments like this bring me great joy in life and so I was really excited to cook with Mindful Chef.


I’ve tried similar food services before, but what intrigued me with this one, first of all, was their brand. For me mindfulness is a way of living and this idea applied to food sounds beautiful. It’s one of the reasons why Mindful Chef resonated with me from the very beginning.

Quality of ingredients is another important factor when choosing food. I love that Mindful Chef thinks carefully about each recipe they put together. All of their meals are refined sugar and gluten free as well as the ingredients are sourced from local farmers. All of this was already a huge advantage over Mindful Chef’s competitors and I was eager to get cooking!


As soon as I read the recipe card I was happy to see that the process is not complicated and the meal – creamy smoked salmon and sun-dried tomato courgetti – sounded delicious! Very quickly ingredients were no longer laid out pretty, but instead, small piles of cubes, twirls and slices started to fill my kitchen table-top.


I really liked how simple it was to follow instructions. Being a designer, I do have a bit of an eagle eye for layout and visual design, so as geeky as it sounds, I was very happy with the pretty (and functional!) recipe cards. It pretty quickly got quite busy in my kitchen and I had to juggle a lot of things at the same time: melting coconut, preparing salmon, steaming veggies and preparing the sauce.

The cooking finale was to combine all prepared ingredients in one large pan and simmer for a few minutes until the meal thickens up and gets creamy.


At first it may seem that Mindful Chef is not that different from Hello Fresh or Gousto, but once you try Mindful Chef you’ll instantly know the difference. Mindful Chef cares about the tiny details and the overall experience. It’s not only about packing up some ingredients and sending them to a customer. It’s more like having your very own private chef that not only teaches you how to cook, but also cares about what you put in your body and how nutritious that is. With other service providers, although you can choose your meals, I used to very often find myself slightly worried about the nutritious value of the meal. Both Mindful Chef meals that we tried were not only delicious, but full of natural goodness that will not leave you wanting to lie down and have a nap.

I really enjoyed cooking with Mindful Chef. The whole experience from receiving the box to sitting down to eat the meals was beautiful.


Have you tried Mindful Chef or any other similar services? What was your experience like? Let me know, I love chatting about food  🙂 And thank you, Mindful Chef, for providing our meals this week!