My Wellbeing Principles

This year instead of writing resolutions for 2019 I decided to try something new, because resolutions have always sounded so weird to me.


I get it. It’s exciting to promise ourselves to aim for the stars and hope the New Year will be the year of everything we ever dreamt of. I’ve been there myself – writing down resolutions, listing steps I need to take to achieve them, ambitiously trying to check off every single item of my to do list for the week, exhausting myself in the process and arriving at the end of the year to only find, at the very best-case scenario, that only half of them have been accomplished. 

Resolutions? Even the word itself sounds so strange. What is there to resolve? Are we so hopeless in life that every year something needs resolving?

No. We are not.

Let’s instead have guidelines / intentions / principles for life (whatever friendly name you want to give) so that at the end of each year we celebrate how well we lived.

Before we go any further I just want to make one thing clear. There is a difference between goals and resolutions. Goals are great. I even set some financial and career goals for 2019 myself. What I’m challenging is resolutions. There is nothing to resolve. Let’s appreciate ourselves more! Let’s set intentions instead.

With this in mind, I have created my own set of wellbeing principles. Which are also intentions for 2019 as I plan to put them into practise and adjust if something doesn’t work. Some of them are already in place, and others not so much. And that’s what I’ll be focusing on.


These principles came to life from my own experience. From mistakes, achievements, failures and wins. This means that they are individual and, to be completely honest, I had a lot of internal debate going on whether I should share them. They felt so private. But I want to inspire and show my wellness journey, so here it goes.


My Wellbeing Principles

  1. Do what’s good for body, mind & soul. No guilt or regrets.

  2. Don’t set strict rules, use intuition instead and be mindful.

  3. Practise balance, moderation and variety.

  4. Aim for 8 hours of sleep.

  5. Meditate & do yoga.

  6. Move daily.

  7. Nourish the body from inside. Eat seasonal.

  8. Cook my own food when possible.

  9. Gradually cut out processed sugar.

  10. Limit alcohol to special events and occasions.

  11. Have a plan when eating out. 

  12. Dig deep into my cravings and understand what do I really need.

  13. Set wellbeing intentions for holidays.

  14. Do more things that make me lose track of time.

  15. Don’t rush. Ever or anywhere.

  16. Avoid over-thinking where possible. 

  17. Regularly detox mind, body and home.

  18. Practise daily wind-down routine to de-stress.


This list may grow or become smaller, but so far, I feel quite happy with this.

I’d like to say that these principles are personal and designed around my health and lifestyle. If you choose to do something similar, you need to sit down and really think about what’s important to you. By all means, use the above list as an inspiration, add, delete, change things, make it your own – that’s the most important thing. Only then these principles will effortlessly integrate with your life.

I will be writing about each of the principles in separate posts throughout the year to share my journey. Stay tuned!