Crobar Tasting Session

I remember my boyfriend asked me once “If we were to travel to Asia, would you try insects? Or a scorpion?” And my answer was “Most definitely not.” So when I was sent a box of Crobars (will tell you all about them in a minute) alarm bells rang in my head.

Crobars are (ethically sourced) protein packed bars which has become the latest craze. Everyone’s been going on about insect protein and its benefits (Men’s Health and Stylist to name a few). Fear of missing out has hit me hard and I decided to dare myself in trying Crobars. I was rather pleased to see that these bars come in mouth-watering flavours: coffee & vanilla, cacao, peanut and raspberry & cocoa.


Even though the bars are made of cricket flour (which makes 6% of all ingredients) after a careful examination I was relieved to see no sign of insect body parts.

Feeling more relaxed, I’ve made myself a cuppa and decided to make a tasting session out of this.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the ingredients in each of the bar. They are packed with superfoods such as chia seeds, goji berries, cocoa, sunflower seeds, dates, cranberries – just to name a few. Most importantly, all ingredients are natural and the bars are free from gluten, soy and dairy.


Once the Crobars have passed my thorough inspection, I realised I was getting excited to give them a go! I took a small bite and was waiting for any suspicious flavours to surface any minute. But there was nothing, just cocoa and raspberry, really delicious.


Relieved I bit off a larger piece, this time peanut flavour, and it reminded me of a healthier version of a Snickers bar. I then tried coffee & vanilla followed by the cocoa which to be honest, weren’t that different from each other, nevertheless seriously delicious. Without even noticing it, Crobars have miraculously disappeared leaving me wanting more (I do have a massive sweet tooth).


The verdict? Crobars do go down really nicely with your afternoon tea. My favourite has to be peanut flavour. They have a great texture, they’re not sickly sweet and most importantly they are full of great ingredients and under 183 kcal each (for smaller ones – 136kcal). The only drawback – they’re not yet available in health superstores or supermarkets which I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Having said that, if you’re keen, you can buy the whole box online.

Thanks Gathr Foods for sending them over and helping me to overcome the fear of eating insects 🙂