The Fruit Whey • Review

I’m a big advocate of getting all your minerals, vitamins and nutrients from food in the first place and until now I’ve never taken any supplements for my training. When The Fruit Whey got in touch I was slightly sceptical about trying their product, until I checked ingredients list. I was intrigued!

Being on a strict nutrition plan meant that I had to get a go ahead from my PT and when that happened I was like “wow this better be good”. And it was!

So, what’s so cool about ingredients then?

Well, the fact that real strawberries and bananas are freeze dried and then crushed into powder, blended together with whey protein and stevia. Everything is natural, delicious and no added nasty flavourings!


That’s what sold me. Having previously tried a sip of my boyfriend’s protein shake I was not impressed with the artificial flavourings that linger in your mouth for quite some time. It just felt like you’ve taken cough syrup, rather than something that’s supposed to aid your training.

What about nutritional value?

Ok, I’m not a nutritionist, but what I know from my personal research and what my PT told me it’s actually quite good. Obviously, you need to check if nutritional value works for your goals. At first I was slightly concerned with the amount of sugar, but I know that even natural fruits are high in sugar. The Fruit Whey use fruits and stevia (known as a healthier alternative to sugar) so there are no refined sugars, only the natural stuff, bursting with vitamins and antioxidants. You also get 25g of protein and 16g of carbs per serving which is pretty good!


What flavours does it come in?

Banana and strawberry! They are both very delicious, but really depends on a personal taste. My favourite is strawberry because you can definitely taste the actual berry flavour and it’s really refreshing. Banana flavour on it’s own is slightly too sweet for me, but boy is it good for pancakes – I’m addicted!! (Scroll down for recipe).

What’s the final verdict?

Well, I must say I’m impressed. It’s natural, tastes delicious and is actually good for you. I’d really like to see new flavours, maybe mango or blueberry? Or both! The Fruit Whey guys, you have one keen taster here!

And finally how do you take it?

I love making protein smoothies and pancakes! And today I’m sharing recipes for both The Fruit Whey flavours: for strawberry we will make a smoothie and for banana – we’ll whip together some pancakes!

🍓 Strawberry & peach protein smoothie



60g of The Fruit Whey strawberry protein powder
5 big strawberries
1 ripe peach
300ml almond milk


Blend everything together and enjoy. If it’s a particularly hot day, add some ice for a really chilled, thick protein smoothie!

🍌 Banana & cinnamon protein pancakes


(The tribute for this recipe goes to my PT which I slightly modified to make it even more delicious!)

2 medium ripe bananas
1 full egg
2 egg whites
60g of The Fruit Whey banana protein
2 tbsp cinnamon
2 tbsp raw cocoa powder

Slice banana and blend it together with the rest of the ingredients. You should get a thick mixture which you need to treat exactly the same as any other pancake batter. Heat the pan, spray a little bit of olive oil and make your pancakes. They are so so so good – I used to eat them three times a week for three months and I couldn’t get enough of them! Serve them with fresh berries and greek yoghurt. Yummm!

Do you take protein? If so, what are your favourite recipes to blend it in? Share some tips, I’m always excited to try new recipes 🙂