Oh hello summer!

The long wait for the summer is over and I could not be happier about this. Have you noticed how much longer the days are now? Waking up early is no longer a mission, while golden evenings are warm and inviting to make the most of this lovely time of the year. This article is exactly about that – now that the summer is here, let’s celebrate it! Today I’m sharing my wellness tips on how to make summer of 2017 the most memorable yet, no matter if you are an early riser or an evening owl.

(wearing Jilla Active Limitless    tights    and    tank   )

(wearing Jilla Active Limitless tights and tank)

Early birdies, catch the sun!

The sun rises just before 5am in June making your mornings so much longer. If you like to get up early and avoid the rush hour madness, try setting up your alarm clock a teeny bit earlier to schedule some time with yourself. Here are my favourite activities to kick start the day:

1 | Greet the sun with salutations

There’s something magical about witnessing the sunrise. The city is still fast asleep, yet nature is slowly waking up. Suddenly you see everything in a different, golden light. It truly is a special moment to reconnect with your senses and just be present. Try running to your favourite green space before the sun is up, and once you’re there do some gentle yogi stretches while enjoying the sunrise.

Last week I got to experience the beauty of sunrise and I would highly recommend Parliament Hill Viewpoint for that. You can see the whole London in front of you and when facing east you have an unobstructed view of the sky – perfect for seeing the sunrise!

2 | Go for an open water swim

Summer is the perfect time to swim outdoors. It’s not only a full body workout, but also a great way to clear your head before a busy day. If you live in London I have a few great options for you to try. Brockwell and Tooting Bec lidos are great for swimming in an outdoor pool. If you fancy a more “wild” experience, try swimming in an open water. Serpentine lake in Hyde Park is quite a popular central option, whereas Hampstead Heath has men only, ladies only and mixed ponds.

3 | Early breakfast session with… you

Go to your local cafe, order a delicious breakfast and work on your personal goals – remember those New Year resolutions? We are almost halfway through the year and now is the perfect time to reflect on how much you’ve accomplished and re-focus your energy on the remainder of the year. So go ahead, order a nice cup of (insert your favourite drink here – in my case – flat white with oat milk) and work on … well, you.

(wearing Jilla Active Limitless    tights    and Solid Balance    top   )

(wearing Jilla Active Limitless tights and Solid Balance top)

Midday lovers, get outdoors!

The sun is at the highest point by now, and what a better excuse could you find to go outdoors? No matter if you’re working, chilling or studying, make sure you find some time to spend outside.

1 | Runch is the new lunch

Have you heard of runch? It’s your lunch – running session! Add a cheeky running workout, grab lunch on your way back and return to your desk gleaming with pride and accomplishment. My favourite way to runch is to do a quick, speed focused run, at the end grab an iced coffee and enjoy it outside. Followed by shower and actual lunch at my desk, of course. Win – win!

(wearing Jilla Active Limitless    tights    and bra)

(wearing Jilla Active Limitless tights and bra)

2 | Stock up on Vitamin D

Sun makes me really happy, so I jump at every opportunity to catch some rays. It not only makes you feel better, but it’s actually good for you (only if you use SPF and hydrate!). Vitamin D, which our bodies make when skin is exposed to the sun, is essential to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. So having your lunch outside is a perfect solution. My favourite spot to have brunch on weekends while enjoying the sunshine is Tom’s Kitchen at St. Katherine Docks. It overlooks snow white yachts and makes you feel like you’re in south of France – highly recommended!

3 | Enjoy green spaces and places

Living in London means that we have quite a few choices when it come to parks. Now is the best time to enjoy green spaces our city has to offer, and there are so many to choose from! Explore your neighbourhood and see what you discover. There is always a good old Hyde Park where you can hire a paddle boat! My favourite is Greenwich Park – it has an amazing observation point. You’ll have to go through quite a steep climb, but the view is worth it. And if you get hungry you have to go to Greenwich Food Market – everything is absolutely delicious!

Night owls, slow down and enjoy the present!

The days now are so much longer, with the longest one yet to come on the 21st of June. On this day the sun is going to set only at 21:21 meaning it won’t get dark until 22:00! That’s one long beautiful evening that you can enjoy and here are my options for you, night owls:

1 | Take a walk

Clear your mind after a busy day by taking a long walk in the park or by the river. I live next to river Thames so I usually take a stroll along Thames Path. A relaxing evening walk in nature – wherever you fancy most – allows you to enjoy the longer evenings, warmer weather, clear your head and I’m pretty sure will help you sleep better too. Even better if you have someone to share that magic moment with!


2 | Namaste outdoors

Take an outdoor yoga class!

If you live in London you’re pretty lucky, because with summer season in full swing, a lot of yoga studios take their classes outdoors. Or if you are feeling like a yogi pro – organise a sunset yoga session with your friends! There are quite a few apps that offer guided yoga sessions (try Daily Yoga app as it has both android and iOS versions). So grab your matts, water and stretch the day’s worries away!

(wearing Jilla Active Limitless    tights    and Be A Wild Thing    bra   )

(wearing Jilla Active Limitless tights and Be A Wild Thing bra)

3 | Dine outdoors

Catch up with your family / friends / loved ones over a delicious, homemade dinner and perhaps a cheeky glass of wine while watching the setting sun paint skies all the rainbow colours. Dinner time has always been the most important bonding time in my family and it’s something I will cherish forever. Now that I am creating a family of my own, I am embedding this tradition into our lifestyles too. So go ahead, whip up something delicious, make a healthy smoothie or pop a bottle of fizz, grab a blanket and find a green spot – I guarantee, even if it sounds quite simple, you’ll have a lovely evening to remember.

Summer is what you make of it

There are so many ways how to make each hour of this summer count. Think what sparks joy in your life. Is it moving your body? Or simply enjoy the outdoors? Perhaps indulging in delicious, vitamin bursting seasonal fruits, veggies and berries? There is no right or wrong answer – do whatever makes you happy, seize the summer opportunities, even if it means doing everything you always wanted to do. So go ahead, there is still time to make that summer 2017 bucket list 😉


This post was written in collaboration with Jilla Active.

Some of the photos you see in this post is by Rash K Photography.