A Spontaneous Date With Myself

This week I’ve been introduced to the most amazing podcast I have ever listened to. It’s Melissa’s Ambrossini show (ačiū, Egle!). Melissa uncovers a lot of diverse topics about health, happiness, business and life in general. Through these podcasts I realised, that lately I have not been taking very good care of myself. Yes, I train a lot and eat really well, but juggling this with a full time job caused me lately to feel rushed, stressed out and restless.

I got so inspired by Melissa’s approach to life, that I decided to instantly make changes in my self care – have a date with myself. While my boy was out and about I truly had the most relaxing time in a long time.


A good book (currently reading Body Book by Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bark), big cup of calming tealuxurious face mask, nutritious dinner (tuna and olive salad) and a secret ritual for better night’s sleep.


Make taking care of yourself a priority today and notice how that makes you feel. I felt invigorated which is a lovely way to start my weekend! 😌 💕 ☀️