5 Full body workout moves you can do anywhere

With summer in full swing and temperatures hitting high twenties the least attractive thing right now is hitting the gym. At least that’s how I feel. When there’s not a cloud in a sky all I want to do is be outdoors!

Today I’m sharing with you five full-body workout moves that you can do literally anywhere. All you need is some space and a bench. Well, an ice cold water bottle is helpful too. So let’s get moving!

1 | Mountain Climbers


Start your workout with this move. It will warm you up, get your heart racing and prepare your core for what’s to come. Mountain climbers work the whole body, but you’ll especially feel the burn in your abs and shoulders. Move into plank position, make sure you engage your core and start pedalling your feet without raising your bum in the air. Easier said than done, trust me!

2 | Bench Jumps

Now move onto HIIT stuff. Stand facing the bench with your feet hip width apart. Squat, brace your core and jump onto the bench. Jump back on the ground and repeat. Your glutes and legs will scream but you can thank me later for it 😀

3 | Triceps Dips


Sit down on the bench and place your hands next to your hips. Now push yourself off the bench and with your legs straight, lower yourself so that your shoulders and your elbows form 90 degree angle. Make sure you keep your elbows tucked in. This move works your – you guessed it right – triceps and shoulders.

4 | V-ups

This one is a nasty one. 2-3 reps and you will be hating me, but your core will be loving you. How to do it? Sit on your bum, with your feet off the ground and your hands on your head. Lower yourself to horizontal position, but don’t touch your feet to the ground. Return to starting position and repeat.

5 | High Rise Lunges

Stand with your back facing the bench, feet shoulder width apart. Start with the right leg on the bench behind you. Lower yourself so that your left foot and ankle are directly above each other and come back to standing making sure you push through your left heel. Repeat and then switch legs. This exercise works your legs and your glutes – win win!

There you have it, five of my most favourite moves which combined form a pretty badass full body workout. I’m not a PT, but when I want to squeeze in a quick full body workout this is what I go for. If you’re unsure how to perform the exercises, make sure you research them online or speak to your PT. My recommendation – do 3 sets of 10 reps for each of the move so that you can be sore (not sorry) the day after.

What are your favourite workout moves?