Body transformation challenge. What I’m doing and why.

I fell in love with fitness in my early twenties. It’s a way of switching off my mind, working my body and getting an endorphin boost. I’ve tried a lot of suff. High intensity interval classes, training for my first 5k run, followed by 10k and half marathons. Then, a sudden interest in yoga, local run clubs, serious addiction to Nike Training Club app and of course trying out the latest fitness crazes through Class Pass in London. I have always been very active, constantly getting bored of my fitness adventures and never 100% happy with my body.

This leads us to the second side of the story – nutrition. I’ve never understood how McDonald’s or other fast food restaurants could be attractive to anyone. I think healthy food is a no brainer, but I have this silly habit of rewarding myself with eating. “You had a tough workout – you deserve it” – I’d convince myself. Rest days would become a celebration and a reason to indulge in something delicious, just because I can. Thankfully my love for fitness kept me away from blowing out of proportions.

All this time I was doing a half-hearted approach to health and fitness. Sometimes I would push myself like crazy and eat really healthy. And sometimes I would just be a lazy f**k and eat whatever I like – because I can. This yo-yo nonsense with my fitness and nutrition is an underlying cause of not seeing the results that I’ve always dreamt of – a body which is strong, lean and toned.

At the beginning of 2017 I got rather annoyed with myself. I was tired of the same s**t happening all over again. Working out without a proper goal, constantly getting bored, moaning, eating salads and then flipping out and stuffing myself with chocolate, setting unrealistic goals to lose weight without even understanding what it means or what needs to be done. And then, of course, failing. So I decided it was time to work with people who know their stuff, rather than trying to re-invent the wheel.

I got a personal trainer.

It’s been more than two months since I’ve started this body transformation challenge. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a one off deal that I complete and then come back to my old ways. I’m adopting a new lifestyle, changing my habits and re-learning a lot of things which I’ll talk about in a separate post.


What I would like to say with this post is that I realised how little knowledge I had about nutrition, fitness and what my body actually needs. And now, that I’m finally starting to see the results, I’m excited to transform my lifestyle for once and for all, learn about my body, combine nutrition and exercise; and of course, share all of this with you.


Now that you know why I’m doing this, keep an eye on the next post where I’ll tell you more about the challenges and changes in my life. Expect tips on meal preps, food shopping, adopting new training plan and dealing with muscle pain. Soon on FLM blog.