Body + Mind = Life Balance

Mental health awareness week has already gone and, although I’m late to the party, I wanted to write a quick article to express my views on what being holistically healthy actually means.

It’s not enough to have a healthy body. To enjoy life in full you need the other side of the equation – a healthy mind. Somehow this topic still feels taboo or even embarrassing to talk about and I want to do all I can to change that. It’s important to talk about your mental wellbeing and even more important to take care of yourself.

You might not even see how certain things in life throw you off balance, but I’m certain that you will notice the change in how you feel. Anxious. Stressed. A little bit down, like all your energy is being sucked out of you and all you want to do is to curl up in a ball. This is the time when you need to take extra care of yourself. Stop and notice what is happening in your life right now that’s making you feel that way. Are you getting enough sleep? Do you get any time for yourself? When was the last time you had an honest, soul warming chat with your bestie?

Anxiety and depression can creep up on us unexpected and it can feel daunting. Make sure you make yourself a number one priority, as selfish as it sounds. Little things in life, such as spending 10 minutes in the morning meditating, reading your favourite book, savouring every sip of your coffee (or tea) while your phone is switched off – can make a massive difference to how you feel.


Mindfulness is a beautiful thing. It paints the world in different colours. It makes you appreciate everything in life, even the tiniest details. And most importantly, it’s the best thing that you can do for your mental well-being. So go ahead, switch your phone off and appreciate everything and everyone that surround you this very moment.