Breakfast Porridge Cravings

When I was little my mum always told me: “eat your porridge if you want to be strong and healthy”. And I did, but it wasn’t my favourite breakfast option. Nor is it now. Typically, I either have eggs or natural yoghurt topped with berries to start my day.


To my surprise, this morning I woke up craving porridge. It was like my brain has been programmed to obsess about one thing and one thing only – a creamy, coconutty bowl of porridge. I suspect it must be an influence of my Instagram feed full of porridge bowls, topped with rainbows, sparkles and unicorns.

Suddenly I also felt this urge to make an exciting bowl of porridge. Just out of interest, to see what’s going to win: my hanger or my creativity. I always thought those colourful, layered porridge bowls take an unreasonable amount of time to pull together. To my even bigger surprise, I had mine ready in 10 minutes, that’s including porridge cooking time.


I realised, that once inspiration and creativity hit you, and you have all ingredients ready, it’s just simply a matter of throwing everything together.


And there I was eating my very first unicorn porridge bowl. With a mango star.


I guess I’m not going to have an omelette for a while.

What’s your favourite meal to start the day? 🍽