What I wear throughout the day with Jilla Active

Life can be hectic sometimes, especially living in a big city like London. This however should not limit anyone on staying active and pursuing their fitness goals. Juggling full time jobs, kids, friends and personal life requires a lot of planning ahead, but I would like to show that you don’t need to carry an enormous bag stuffed with several outfits for the whole day.

I’ve worked with Jilla Active to demonstrate that any fitness outfit can be adapted for any occasion. Jilla Active is a British brand focusing on creating versatile, comfortable and really elegant sports clothes. The seamless activewear is made of beautiful fabrics, which are not only really cosy, but also kind to the skin.


My day starts at 5am so that I could combine my fitness goals with the full-time digital designer job. I’m always on the lookout for fitness clothes that are not only stylish and comfortable, but also can be easily adapted throughout the day: going from a workout to design studio and later meeting with friends for dinner. That’s why I was delighted to work with Jilla Active to share a few tips on how to adapt your fitness wardrobe throughout the day no matter what life throws at you.


I’ve decided to pick a day when I have quite a few errands to run and added in a cheeky workout. For my training session I picked Solid Balance wine leggingsBalance Bamboo tank top in navy and Solid Balance long sleeve top in white.


Once I finished my workout, had a shower and a quick bite to eat, I was ready to get on with my busy day. I decided to switch only a few details and adapt my Jilla Active outfit so that I could go back to the office in no time.

Because the leggings are so nice (I love that “autumny” colour!) I decided they will work well with my chosen outfit for work. Even though I work in a corporate environment, the department I’m in is still quite relaxed and, being a designer, I certainly don’t have to wear a suit. Having said that I still decided to go for smart casual look.


The updated outfit is quite simple really. I’ve added a white shirt and a jumper dress over my Jilla Active leggings, swapped trainers for autumn boots, put on my black coat and I was ready to go! I was surprised how little time I needed to get ready, yet at the same time I felt not only comfortable but confident too.

What I have learnt

Obviously if your workout is so intense that you’re sweating buckets, you won’t be able to wear the top you’ve worked out in, so bare that in mind when planning your outfit. Also most of the sportswear leggings go really well with a smarter top and heels meaning all you need to pack is a fresh top and a pair of shoes – win! But it’s probably a good idea to think what colour leggings you’re buying, because if they’re really bright, with mesh detail or Adidas stripes, it isn’t really going to work.


Do you adapt your workout clothes throughout the day? What tips have you got to share? Comment below the post – I love hearing your ideas!

A massive thank you to Olivia and the rest of Jilla Active team for this collaboration. I am already excited about your next collection 🙂