Mindful Pamper Moments with Clean Beauty Co

When was the last time you took some time out for yourself? Personally, it’s been a while. We are always racing with time, juggling one million things and planning ahead. Our minds are buzzing and quite frankly it’s becoming harder to switch off. But you know what they say when you’re on a flight that’s about to take off? In case of emergency, put your own oxygen mask first before attending to others.

Same thing applies to self-care. And I’m not talking about daily shower and teeth brushing. I’m talking about pampering yourself to fully recharge your batteries. So that you can run the day, not the other way round.

Not so long ago I came across Clean Beauty Co – a brand that advocates for natural beauty.

The products they sell are made from ingredients you can actually pronounce and recognise – think oats, clay, charcoal and coconut powder. So when the time came to recharge my batteries I turned to Detox Dust. It’s a universal cleansing powder that you can mix with water or your facial wash to cleanse and detox your skin.

Why detox? My beautician told me that number one skin aging reason is pollution. This sounds even scarier when you live in London or other big city – it’s inevitable. The best thing that you could do to fight pollution is to thoroughly cleanse your skin twice a day.

One evening, after a long and stressful day at work I came back home and decided to completely switch off from everything and take care of myself. This recently became a tradition. And I was really excited to try Clean Beauty’s Detox Dust. Hot shower, big cup of herbal tea and comfy PJs – I was ready to pamper myself.

I felt like having a face mask, so I’ve mixed Fage Greek yoghurt with Clean Beauty Co Detox Dust and here’s what happened.

The Detox Dust mixed really well with yoghurt and it was incredibly easy to apply. The mask had a nice cooling effect (since I kept yoghurt in the fridge – as you normally do!) and a refreshing earthy aroma. With every stroke of this beautiful face mask on my skin, I instantly felt more relaxed and present. I could feel the coolness on my skin, its aroma, the soothing effects of products dissolving into my skin. I then relaxed for 10 minutes with my eyes closed (perfect time for meditation).

The result? Silky smooth, clean and glowing skin! Good thing I made too much mask – I’ve been applying it a few times a week and I’m already seeing the results. What I love most about it is that it not only cleans your skin really well, but is also literally clean – no harsh chemicals on your skin. Win win!


If you’d like to discover Clean Beauty Co products – head over to their website, and if you subscribe to email newsletter you’ll get a 10% discount on your first order. Even more reasons to try it!