Lucy Rocks x Best’s Bootcamp

I had the pleasure of being invited to Lucy Rocks Launch party at Best’s Bootcamp.  Lucy Rocks is a brand that makes these super delicious, vegan and paleo granolas.

It was my first time at Best’s Bootcamp and I was really excited.


Red and neon lights, big screens, four rows of treadmills and a wall of dumbbells made me feel as I’ve just entered a room of torture. In a good way. I just knew that it will definitely be a badass workout.

And boy, I wasn’t wrong!

4 sessions on treadmills, 4 sessions on the floor doing HIIT. To say the least, it was hot! At some point I was flying at the speed of 17km/h, so that was something new!


No wonder I felt ecstatic at the sight of Lucy Rocks granola, berries, coco yoghurt and nutritious toppings ranging from chia to pumpkin seeds.


I obviously had to try all 4 granola flavours: Golden Granola, Glowing Granola, Blush Crunch and Lush Crunch, my absolute favourite being the Glowing Granola. I’ve layered my bowl with coconut yoghurt, added quite a few spoons of Glowing Granola, poured some cashew milk and topped all of this goodness with pumpkin and chia seeds as well as blueberries.


There is no better way to start your Monday and your week than having an intense full body workout, followed by delicious vegan brunch. Thank you, Lucy Rocks and Best’s Bootcamp, for a super energetic and really healthy start to the day.