Tribe 10k Trail Run

This bank holiday weekend I had a chance to experience what’s the difference between road and trail running. I did my first ever trail run – the Tribe 10k – together with Wild Trail Runners and some NRC friends. And I loved it! 


To be completely honest, during the first 2k, my legs were like “WTF?!” I had to battle through uneven trail covered in rocks, twigs and tall grass. At one point we had to stop to carefully go down the hill as it was more of a mud slide than a trail. 


But once I got past the 2k mark, my body adjusted to the new terrain. I finally was able to appreciate the beautiful surroundings, the crisp fresh air and the company I was running with.

The difference between road and trail running is that you have to concentrate more on your form and your legs work much harder. You need to be on a lookout for uneven surfaces, and have quite a spring in your stride to power through some of the hills or grassy routes. 


Once we crossed the finish line we got to enjoy some delicious food and fool around for a bit before the thunderstorm rolled in. 


Would I do it again? Hell yes! Actually, this race made me want it more! The team I ran with was amazing, the scenery – beautiful and we really had a great time. I now cannot wait to sign up for another race. And I have a feeling it will be a trail run! 


Join Wild Trail Runners for some training sessions in London if you want to experience what it’s like to give up the road. And do let me know what’s coming up on your race calendar, can’t wait to join you! 🙌🏻