Nike Unlimited You

Saturday evening, Brick Lane, East London. I arrive at Old Truman Brewery for an immersive workout experience by Nike to celebrate the Unlimited Me. Something tells me it will not be a typical workout. Perhaps it’s the atmosphere created with a bespoke soundtrack composed by Hot Chip duo Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard as well as the impressive light installations by Artisan.

It really makes you feel as if you’ve entered an underground secret training club.


As the music gets more and more intense we realise that it’s about to get down. We go through the doors into a pitch-black corridor and I can feel the bass vibrating through my chest. Neon lights flicker to create even more intrigue. Somehow this reminds me of Hunger Games.


We enter a room of treadmills covered in neon lights.


I can feel my nerves kicking in as I know Barry’s workout is never fun, but I get distracted by how cool our shoes look like in this light.


The workout is tough, putting us through sprints, steep inclines, sprints with inclines (!) and finally the last round is where we set our limits. I am definitely feeling the lack of running training during the last few weeks, but what keeps me going is the badass soundtrack and mesmerising light installation right in front of me.


Time for round 2!


This is where Nike pulls out another trick out of their hats. We enter a training room and in the middle of it there’s a live Orchestra playing Hot Chip tunes to keep us energised for NTC part.

The feeling is surreal. I kind of want to stand there and listen to the music, but at the same time workout moves, which are a mix of dance, HIIT and yoga, draw me in.


We end the evening on the roof top, enjoying the views …


… sipping Barry’s protein shakes …


… and munching on delicious food by Maple and Fitz and Pip and Nut.


My favourite moment by all means has to be the entrance to Barry’s Bootcamp training room. It’s amazing what good soundtrack and lights can do to create the mood. The two workouts didn’t surprise me, but Barry’s was tough and I really enjoyed it. As for the second part, I must admit live orchestra was that wow factor which made a fusion of NTC workouts a little bit more unusual.


All in all, it was a great event which taught me that I’m the one who sets the limits. And then breaks them.