Nike x Track Mafia

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be an athlete waiting at the start line for that gunshot where you’ll have to give it all? What it feels like to hear your adrenaline filled heart beating louder than the roaring crowd? And how shaky your legs feel in the first strides?!

Yeah, I always wondered what it’s like. Until I got to experience it last night at Nike x Track Mafia event. It’s actually insane how addictive that feeling is. Have I experienced this younger, I might have been on a completely different career path! Nevertheless, Nike & Track Mafia pulled of quite an event in East London last night!


20 teams, 10 heats, racing against each other on the track in a game called “Drop Out”. You start the race with your full team. One lap in, 2 members drop out, second lap in – another 2 and the final lap is left for the fastest.


It was mind-blowing to see how fast some of the runners were! Even though my team didn’t make to semi-finals, I had such a great time, making friends, laughing with the old ones and indulging in some seriously juicy burgers.


Even Perri Shakes-Drayton made an appearance and supported us along the track! Isn’t that an ultimate motivation?!

Have I experienced Unlimited Me? Hell yes! Join us next time and I can’t wait to meet you on the track!🏃