Granola that rocks

Breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of the day, and especially on the weekends. I take time to craft my meals and enjoy them lazily lounging in bed with my partner in life. This weekend we’ve got to try the oh so delicious Lucy Rocks granola so rightfully called “Blush Crunch”. Just look at that colour!


Lucy Rocks is a new brand that prises themselves in producing organic, vegan, paleo snacks, cookies, bars and granolas which are a nutritional powerhouse, all completely natural, gluten, GM and refined sugar free. That already sounded like a dream to me and so I was eager to put my first Lucy Rocks breakfast bowl together.

I like my granola as a topping on a natural, fat free yoghurt, mixed together with a handful of berries as well as desiccated coconut. His granola bowl on the other hand, is literally a TON of granola soaked in low fat milk 🙂

As I was preparing our breakfast bowls, I couldn’t help but admire the pink twirls forming in our bowls. Topped with berries it looked even more incredible and I realised I’m getting hungry just by looking at it. So we didn’t wait any longer and tucked in!


Our breakfast was that good that I started feeling greedy when I noticed my bowl is nearly empty. Lucy Rocks granola is crunchy, but not too much, filled with dried fruits (some of them were quite big pieces so it made it chewy as well!) and whole nut pieces. The pink colour is coming from the beetroot powder which I could actually taste, but surprisingly it matched other ingredients so well, it almost tasted exotic. I was so pleased with my breakfast that I wanted this indulging moment to last longer – I packed it for work as a healthy post workout snack.

Lucy Rocks “Blush Crunch” granola is definitely a new kiddo on the block, I’ve tried so many breakfast options in search for a healthy, balanced meal which wouldn’t be stuffed with sugars and carbs. And this one is so healthy, so delicious and so pretty to look at! Currently it is sold online for £6.49, which, I have to admit is a bit pricy for me, but once they appear in the food stores, I’ll definitely stock up on them for those indulgent Saturday breakfasts in bed.


What are your favourite breakfast ideas?