Join Team Faster

Puma Training has invited me to speed skills and drills session with the lovely Adrienne at Hyde Park.

I got really excited, as it’s great to see other sports brands offering free classes in London. It just shows that they live and breathe their own values. And I was excited to find out what the Puma classes are like.

Having rained all day, Hyde park was covered in glistening mist, just as the sun was setting towards the horizon. And I was ready to work on my speed and strength skills for running.

The session started with a warm up and a short run. We were alternating between casual pace and sprint pace for about 1 km.


I really had to push myself during the sprints, as speed was never my thing. I ended up crossing the finish line with burning lungs but oh so happy!

We then partnered up for some core work – think planks, jumps and squats. It was a great way to meet new people and use the competitive side to get in more reps 🙂


Finally we did lots of drills that were focused on the strength and power of our legs.


And stretching!


And just to prove what a difference a workout makes here’s a before and after pic. Those smiles say it all!

Before the workout:


After the workout:


So if you’d like to give Puma Training a try, keep an eye on their Instagram page as they will be scheduling more workouts during the summer.

Thank you Adrienne for a great session and the pain I’m feeling right now!