Travel & workout

It’s my second week of Kayla’s BBG programme and, oh boy, am I hurting. Each week I take time to carefully plan my workouts for the whole week ahead. But you can plan all you want, sometimes it just all goes to shambles. And it did. I found out I’ll have to travel mid-week for work, with no access to gym. Disaster, right?

Well, actually no. Workouts can be as “portable” as you want. With that in mind I packed my suitcase. Here’s a peek inside:


Yup, exactly half of it is stuffed with workout gear. So here are my tips for how to travel and workout (including packing):

  1. Plan, plan, plan! You might be going to places you’ve never been before. Do your research beforehand. Are there parks nearby? Any nice running routes? Knowing what type of workout you’ll be able to do while travelling will help you massively when packing.

  2. Make a list. Imagine you’re doing the workout now and picture what you’ll need. Then write down every tiniest item you can imagine. I guarantee you’ll be prepped like a pro.

  3. Pack for plan B. Shampoo spill disaster? Not to worry, packing for plan B helps you stay perfectly calm in situations like this.

  4. Explore! Once you arrived to your destination, lace up your trainers and go explore! Running is one of my favourite ways to discover new areas. Keep your eyes peeled at the same time for good spots to stretch or do a little HIIT session.

  5. Stay safe. Make sure you share your location with your family / friends and inform how long you will be working out. It’s sad to give such advice, but hey, better safe than sorry.

I’m really glad I took the time to plan workouts for my travel. It allowed me to go for a nice run on a sunny and warm evening. I got the chance to explore local parks.


It helped me stick with my workout routine, even when travelling. And there’s nothing better, when you’re far from home and missing your loved ones, than getting that happy hormone boost!

How are you making your workouts work when travelling? Got any tips to share? I’m really interested to hear your story!