Ellie Goulding’s NTC workout launch event

Tell me one person who doesn’t know Ellie Goulding. With her recent charts topper single for Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie, Ellie is one of the best known UK’s music artists.

(Source: Nike News Website)

(Source: Nike News Website)

Apart from singing and song writing, Ellie is famous for her passion for an active lifestyle, she has participated in five half marathons, and continues to dominate the sports and music scene.

So you can imagine what happened when an invite to Ellie Goulding’s NTC workout launch party landed in my inbox. My excitement went through the roof. I have been listening to Ellie Goulding playlist on loop all day!

Set in the iconic Tobacco Dock in East London, the event was a HIIT (pun intended). The event started with an intimate acoustic performance of some Ellie Goulding’s classic songs, followed by all of us doing her own workout on the NTC app. The workout was led by Ellie herself and Faisal (NTC trainer and Ellie’s personal trainer, check out his classes at Victoria Park).

Ellie’s Tighten and Tone workout, is a 15-minute workout, which focuses on core strength and legs. It incorporates a variation of drills from burpees to alternating scissor jumps which guarantees to get your blood pumping! Head to your NTC app, give it a go and let me know your favourite bits.

So without any further ado, I would like to share the best moments from the event!

The venue was breath-taking!

Very soon it was filling up pretty fast!

And I had a few minutes to kill…


And then we were asked to gather around the stage. The amazing Ellie Goulding’s gig was about to start!

The last song – current number one – “Love Me Like You Do” gave me goose bumps it was that good! But then it was time for a workout.


And so it all kicked off with a warm up!

And then we were ready to work it!

Please all give it up for the amazing Ellie Gouldingggggg!!!


It was then time for us to take the stage meet all of the NTC trainers!


Thanks again Nike UK for the amazing event. It was so inspiring to see Ellie working out with all of us and also meet so many inspiring ladies!