Fit Life Mode is an online wellness diary about fitness, nutrition and living life in a balanced, healthy, happy way.


The blog

Fit Life Mode was born because finding balance through fitness, nutrition and mindfulness is one of my biggest passions. I want to motivate others to live a healthy – happy life, so I’m sharing my experiences and hoping they will be a source of inspiration to find a Fit Life Mode of yours.

What is Fit Life Mode you ask? It’s when you feel happy, strong, confident, radiant inside and out. It’s when you are genuinely excited to wake up each morning and take everything that life throws at you with contentment and gratitude. It’s a personal thing, so there is no “one size fits all” recipe. I feel like I found mine so I want to be there when you find yours.

About me

My name is Sandra. I’m a Lithuanian who calls London her second home.

I work as a digital designer so creativity is a way of life for me. Family and health are my biggest values and I’m extremely lucky to have them both. I’m a wanderlust seeker, always exploring and my most favourite thing in entire world is discovering new, remote places be it here in the UK or on the edge of the world.


Let’s work together

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